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Start Small Achieve Big

Published May 1, 2014 by Alpha Performance & Wellbeing

When you're in a taxi, and the driver asks where you would like to go, have you ever I replied with "I don't really know!" Knowing where you want to go on a journey is obviously quite important, but we rarely state our desired goals when it comes to our health. Helping our clients with this crucial step can prevent them and you wasting a lot of precious time and effort. The term 'goal-setting' is a very popular phrase, and can sometimes get a little overwhelming. Many of our clients may have tried this process before and may not have liked the feeling of not reaching their goals which has put them off doing it again. I know I've felt like that!

So why not encourage them to have a go at it in a slightly different way. Instead of one big long term goal like losing two stone, why not break it down into a few short term targets that are realistic and easy to achieve? Examples of simple short-term targets could be drinking one more glass of water a day, going for a five minute walk, or working their way through one section at a time on the exercise posters. By creating these smaller short-term targets and making them relatively easy to achieve you are more likely to achieve your ultimate goal.

So here's a fun little challenge: Set a simple target with easy steps that will get on the path towards where you'd like to be. I would really love to hear how you get on so get in touch and send any questions you have to, #alphastars

Tip: Reward yourself when you complete each one, you could use things like spa treatments, weekend breaks, new piece of clothing, time alone, it could be anything!

3 Tips to getting what you want using mini targets

  1. Pick something simple you'd like to improve that will take you towards where you'd like to be eventually e.g. eventual goal: lose two stone, mini-target: Walk five minutes a day
  2. Make small and consistent improvements to the mini-goal e.g. day 1: five minute walk, day 2: walk for 6 minutes
  3. Reward yourself when you get to a milestone e.g. being able to walk for 20 minutes
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