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Testimonial Triumphs

June 5, 2014

Tim Evans (Franchise Manager) - Hire Fitness contacted us to say, ".... These posters are great! The exercise demonstrations available through the QR codes are very relevant to current exercise trends and the teaching techniques are excellent. The QR codes are a great touch and the posters even come laminated. Fantastic product! ..." ...

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Start Small Achieve Big

May 1, 2014

When you're in a taxi, and the driver asks where you would like to go, have you ever I replied with "I don't really know!" Knowing where you want to go on a journey is obviously quite important, but we rarely state our desired goals when it comes to our health. Helping our clients with this crucial step can prevent them and you wasting a lot of precious time and effort. The term 'goal-setting' is a very popular phrase, and can sometimes get a little overwhelming. Many of our clients may have tried this process before and may not have liked the feeling of not reaching their goals which has put them off doing it again. I know I've felt like that! ...

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